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We constantly improve the operational equipment and to take care of safety of work on the ramp of the Sheremetyevo Airport. Specialists of Sheremetyevo-Cargo developed and patented the system for wirelessly duplicating light signals of coupled dollies.
For a transportation of goods on the ramp, Sheremetyevo-Cargo operates with coupled dollies (total up to 4 dollies), the maximum length from the tractor to the end can be 16 meters. Dollies are not properly equipped by light signals. While loaded shipment (the height up to 3.5 meters from the ground level) closes the standard tractor’s lights. As a result, vehicle drivers going behind do not see the light signals of moving coupled dollies.  It can lead to a traffic accidents, a delay of handling cargo or damage of shipment.
We soluted this problem via developing of a system for wirelessly duplicating light signals from the tractor to the last dolly of the coupled dollies. The system consists of a multi-channel radio transmitting device connected to the electric network of the tractor. It transmitting signals of direction indicators and braking signals through the radio channel. Two mobile lights easily and quickly mounted on the last dolly. After that it receive a radio signal and duplicating the light signals of the tractor together with parking lights.
Such a transmission scheme of light signals allows you to abandon the equipment of all dollies by wiring and standard lights. It eliminates the time spent for connecting electrical connectors, and reduce for repairs of wiring components. It is very important in harsh climatic conditions.
Connecting process of the radio-controlled lights takes a minimum of time. The tractor driver installs this lights on the last dolly in specially designated places in short time. The brackets of the lamps have special contact magnetic nodes. Lamp will be magnetized to the dolly and the light will be switch on. Safety system of device is provided in the bracket to avoid spontaneous separation of the lamp due to vibration. It is unlocked by press the bottom.
Charging of radio-controlled flashlights takes place on a special electric stand, which allows charging up to 12 sets of radio-controlled flashlights. The installation of a radio-controlled flashlight for charging occurs by connecting of magnetic contacts on the bracket of the flashlight in a matter of seconds. Charging process of radio-controlled flashlights occurs in automatic mode.
This technical solution is very effective, it proved itself at using and avoid additional repairs. It saves a time and a financial resources. But the most important is that it ensures ramp safety in Sheremetyevo Airport, and it helps to deliver your cargo on time and in safety conditions.

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