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Sheremetyevo-Cargo it is a world leader in digitalization of handling processes of cargo and mail. It has been confirmed by audits of airlines (Air France, KLM, DHL Express, Hainan Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo) and authorized international organizations (ISAGO, IATA) repeatedly.

Sheremetyevo-Cargo and Sky Gates Airlines implements a joint project for airline's aircraft services by IT systems with the participation of service providers Aero-Food Catering LLC and SkyClean LLC. It provides on-line CCTV control and management of more than 130 service operations performed by all ramp providers.

This differs from the archaic linear schemes which used at the airport. The new system has a network structure (control and manage of many operations at the same time). It is built on a 3D model of objective data about location, time and CCTV image at the time of the service operation. According to it, we have 100% objectivity of data of all ramp processes of aircraft. And providing of false data to the consumer-airline is excluded.

All participants involved in ground handling of the aircraft are equipped by mobile registration eqipment (smartphone, laptop and etc.) and operated in a one system. The employee confirms the fact that he performed the operation (handling operation, checklists, etc.), made photo and video shooting, registered irregularities. 

Bluetooth headsets connected to smartphones allow remote communication between all participants in ground handling of the aircraft.

All GSE (Ground Service Equipment) which involved in ground handling is equipped by video recorders, GLONASS and GPS navigation satellite systems. This allows you to track the location of each vehicle on the ramp, and to inform the driver and dispatchers about driver’s errors: entrance of vehicle into the prohibited area, high speed on the ramp and etc. A vehicles which approached to an aircraft equipped by a system of prevention of contact with aircraft.

The supervisor checks and controls ground handling of the aircraft via system. He gives on-line directives to staff and assiges of resources (personnel, equipment) for a flight. He can see all information about the flight from the landing the aircraft to its departure.

After finalize of handling of flight, the system generates online report about all performed operations and all irregularities.

Digitalization of the handling process allows to airline to see the real picture of services which were provided by providers.

When we apply these developments, we reduce the time required for handling service of aircraft, we guarantee the safety of cargo and mail, but most importantly, it provides to the client clear picture of all process without leaving of his office.

Only system service makes possible to fully manage and control of handling of aircraft and ensure safety.

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