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2020 was a challenging year for the aviation industry. But a cargo turnover of Sheremetyevo-Cargo didn't change actually, despite to a decrease of number of flights by more than 79%. We kept the cargo turnover indicators at the level of 2019 due to the conclusion of new long-term agreements and to an increase of volumes with existing partners.

73% of foreign air carriers which flow to Sheremetyevo airport choose our company as a ground handling operator for cargo and mail. And this is no coincidence. Management of airlines has become more attentive and demanding for the quality of services provider during the pandemic. Therefore, the list of our partners in 2020 was supplemented by large air carriers as Silk Way Airlines, Xiamen Airines, Azur Air, iFly Airlines, Transaviaexport and Yamal airlines.

Due to transition to remote work, high-tech services are demand as never before. It helps to reduce the operations which required an actual presence of clients on the territory of Sheremetyevo-Cargo. IT-developers of Sheremetyevo-Cargo have improved the functionality of Personal System Account, for convenience of our customers and for minimization of theirs presence on the cargo terminal. New features have been added. Due to development of a new module "My airwaybills - Export", our clients have the opportunity to track shipment and documents for the export procedure. Also, users of computer system can generate an electronic security declaration independently now. We added the ability to order the services "Deconsolidation" and "Re-weighting" in the module "My invoices - Import".

Our company uses innovative technologies which based on an artificial intelligence widely.Safety and security of shipment have been always a main features and priorities of Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC. Our IT specialists have developed a system for automatic recognition of the position of special locks which ensure of safety of cargo on dollies. System is based on an artificial intelligence and principles of a neural network. System recognizes automatically not only the lock position (lock is open or closed), but controls also operations of employee. It eliminates the risk of damage of cargo during the transportation.

We have developed and have patented portable signal radio-controlled lights, which attached to last dolly and ensured the safe transportation of mail and cargo.

It should be noted that operational staff and special equipment (ramp equipment also) are equipped by video recorders for online monitoring of handling processes. Due to an objective videocontrol IT-system, the efficiency of identification of violations and irregularities increased on handled flights in 2020.

After introduction of innovative solutions at Sheremetyevo-Cargo we reduced required time for issuing of cargo and documents (depending on type of aircraft) by approxiamatelly 10% to the same period of last year.

The pandemic dealt a powerful blow to all sectors of the economy not only. But it showed to the world the importance of forwarding and handling of temperature-sensetive pharmaceuticals in the shortest time also. Operations with these cargoes require special skills and technological equipment.

Sheremetyevo-Cargo has the most modern and efficient temperature control systems which allow to store and handle of pharmaceutical goods with a temperature range of -25°C to + 25°C. All cool and freeze rooms of cargo terminal are validated according to the GDP standard.

IT-department of our company has developed own multi-level control system of required temperature regime in chambers and thermo trucks. We check temperature at several levels simultaneously for avoid of errors in temperature measurement. All data are fed into a single system and analyzed according to based pre-entered information about the required temperature conditions for a specific cargo.

High professionalism of our employees and modern special equipment for the storage and handling of pharmaceutical goods became the main reason of choosing of our cargo terminal as a ground handling operator for Russian vaccine - Sputnik V. Now it is of particular value. And it is one of the most important type of pharmaceutical shipment today.

Due to the introduction of innovative technologies and long time experience of the company's staff, an amount of pharmaceutical cargoes which handled via terminal of Sheremetyevo-Cargo is growing every year. In 2020, the volume of handled cargo of this category increased by 18% to the same period last year.

The reason is in a high trust and confidence of our customers that their cargo will be handled in compliance with all the necessary standards (time and temperature).

Live animals shipment is one of the most difficult category of a special handling. Practice of handling cargo of this category in Sheremetyevo-Cargo and modern procedures which used in the process allow us to operate with the shipment in the shortest time in compliance with necessary standards.

In 2020, Sheremetyevo-Cargo started the big project to transport a large shipment of pigs to Vladivostok. Air transportation of animals is carried out by our long-term partner AirBridgeCargo (the largest air cargo carrier).

Absence of negative reviews about our work is the best confirmation of high quality of our service. There are a lot of positive reviews and letters of thanks also.

We are happy to receive feedback always, as it helps us to become better. From our side, we guarantee to our clients the way of digital of processes, which allow to ensure 100% of safety and security of goods, as well as a high level of service.

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