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1,800 pedigree goats, sheep and rams were delivered by Qatar Airwais to Sheremetyevo International Airport on August, 11. Sheremetyevo-Cargo was chosen as a ground handling operator for of the shipment.

Live animals belong to the special type of cargo. Handling procedure requires the highest staff qualifications and modern company facilities. 

Sheremetyevo-Cargo has successful experience in handling of the type of cargo long time. Staff of company retrains regularly. And our terminal is equipped with the most modern equipment which is necessary for handling of live animals also.  

In addition, Sheremetyevo-Cargo improves procedures and implements innovative IT-solutions which are developed on a basis of artificial intelligence.

Thus, the operation for control of closing of locks which fixed animals cages on trolley was carried out via our computer system for automatic recognition of position of lock. It was developed by our IT-department. The computer system is based on neural network principles. The system automatically recognizes the position of lock (open / closed) and monitors of sequence of employee actions. Using of artificial intelligence reduces to zero the risk of falling and damaging of shipment during transportation.

We have used special belts for more reliable fixation of cages on trolleys additionally. All personnel and special equipment which involved in handling operations were equipped by video recorders for online monitoring of processes.  

Using of the innovatived IT-system of Sheremetyevo-Cargo allowed to our clients to track each stage of cargo handling procedure.

The transportation of 36 cages with animals from aircraft to cargo terminal was carried out on special trolleys which equipped portable signal radio-controlled lights (it's know-how of Sheremetyevo-Cargo). These lights attached to the last trolley and ensured safe cargo transportation.

Unloading / loading of cages with animals were carried out by specialized ramp equipment of company. Two of four cranes were equipped with lifting mechanisms. According to it, cage floor was leveled to the same height as transfer platform of a specialized car (for more comfortable movement of animals).

Transshipment of animals into the client's vehicles took place in a special fenced Customs zone. Service staff strictly adhered to regulatory requirements and the operation plan.

Сonsignee's representatives highly appreciated the professionalism of Sheremetyevo-Cargo staff. And they expressed their gratitude to our company.

Successful experience in handling of live animals is one of the reasons that a lot of customers which plan to send animals choose service of our company.

So, Sheremetyevo-Cargo handled 17 charter flights with elite thoroughbred pigs in 2020-2021, which were transported to Vladivostok as part of the State program for development of Russian Far East. Handling process of 17 consignments of live animals is finelazed without a single claim from the airline and from the shipper.

In addition, our company were handled large consignments of pigs and several consignments of bulls and horses according to import procedure. Just it's a small list of our activites.

Numbers of positive reviews from our clients (National Horse Racing Association, Russian Equestrian Federation, Russian State Circus Company, Morozov Poultry Farm, Moscow Circus, etc.) are the best proof of high professionalism of Sheremetyevo-Cargo.

Due to vast experience, Sheremetyevo-Cargo handles any type of shipment as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible not only.

But it is always ready to offer customers the most profitable, high-quality and suitable solution for customer's requirements.

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