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There are no trifles in poultry farming, as you know. Transportation of day-old chicken is an extremely responsible, significant process. Non-compliance of requirements could adversely affect for results of subsequent poultry rearing.

Newly hatched chicken are the most sensitive to various influences. It is a sensitive and surprisingly delicate shipment which can be damaged by so many things:

- high or low ambient temperature;

- lack of oxygen (according to poor ventilation);

- injuries due to crowding;

- shaking and tremors;

- high content of harmful microflora.

And there are many other things which are known by professionals only.

Therefore, we use special transport for operations with baby poultry in Sheremetyevo-Cargo.

It ensures a cleanliness, optimumal temperature and humidity, air exchange, safety during movement and short delivery time to poultry house and access to water and stern.

Our IT control and management system monitores for all these conditions.

Employees of Sheremetyevo-Cargo have handled two batches of day-old chickens in the shortest time in August. Using of modern procedures, IT-systems and high qualification of staff gave us the possibility to control all steps of process and ensure a safety of special cargo.

Sheremetyevo-Cargo has vast experience at high-quality and safe handling of any type of shipment. Our company is ready to offer to our customers the most profitable, efficient and specific solution.

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