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The coronavirus pandemic has changed each area of economy. A lot of lockdowns and restrictive measures have particularly affected the aviation industry. Air carriers were forced to survive in difficult conditions. Due to low passenger traffic, many airlines had to re-profil aircrafts for carriage of cargo and mail in the passenger cabin.

The main reasons for increase of cargo turnover in 2021 were the e-commerce development and a demand for fast delivery of medicines.

Due to the growth of number of partners (airlines), which choose ground handling service of our company, as well as the expansion of routes of our customers (airlines), the cargo turnover of Sheremetyevo-Cargo steady grows in 2021.

So, we started to handle flights of UAE national airline Etihad Airways, Vietnamese international airline - Bamboo Airways, and also continued to service of our longtime partner Hainan Airlines, which restarted flights in 2021 in Sheremetyevo

Critical burden reveals weaknesses always. But careful modeling and full detailed audits of our companie's operations have allowed to high-tech cargo terminal Sheremetyevo-Cargo to be a reliable support for our customers.

Our company has accumulated vast experience for many years of handling of cargo. To raise the level of customer service, our company regularly introduces the most advanced technological solutions. All employees involved to the handling are trained (initial and recurrent) in our training center. If it needs, we can organize continuous professional education of our staff in specialized training schools.

All employees and special warehouse and ramp equipment are equipped by compact video recorders which allow to customers to control our operations at any steps of handling online 24/7. Our customers are confident in quality and safe of our handling.

Personal safety has become a priority, during the pandemic.

Therefore, a lot of clients prefer to operate remotely without visiting to cargo terminal at all, or with a minimum time spent for it. And Sheremetyevo-Cargo can provide such an opportunity to customers.

In 2021 we were able to achieve 40% contactless work which includes remote receipt of shipment. It is possible due to the development of Personal Account and IT-terminals. More than 100 improvements to their functionality were made this year. And today clients of our company can control a handling process, pay for our services, receive scans of documents and complete information about shipment, generate various reports and analytical data, issue necessary passes and receive cargo, as well as order extra services and special procedures, at anywhere in the world. As the experience of recent years has shown, the development of remote services is critically important. Therefore, an increase of share of contactless work (without visiting the cargo terminal at all or with a minimum time spent on it) will continue. And we are ready for it.

Our management has always strived to keep up with the times and minimize time & labor costs of our customers (if it possible) and follow the modern IT-trends of industry. Cargo terminal "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" was one of the first which offer to airlines the service "Preliminary informing of Customs Authorities" seven years ago. An aircraft is still in the air, but the authority department issues a preliminary permit for unloading due to standard previously received documents. We were able to successfully move to electronic document management with Customs without duplication of paper documents this year. Now paperless comunication is possible for general cargo. But we hope that duplication of paper documents will not be required to other categories of cargo in the future.

We paid special attention to pharmaceuticals shipments during the pandemic. According to special requirements for this category of goods, it needs special knowledge, procedure and expensive equipment. Our terminal is equipped with the most modern equipment. We have vast practice and always strictly follow instructions and requirements. And also we developed own system for multi-level temperature control in cold and freeze cameras.

Sheremetyevo-Cargo was repeatedly chosen as the ground handling operator for large consignments of Russian vaccine against COVID-19-Sputnik V in 2021.
The best confirmation that a high-tech cargo terminal corresponds to the established requirements for handling, storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products is the successful completion of IATA CEIV certification for handling of temperature-sensitive medicine. It is the official confirmation of the high quality of services at Sheremetyevo-Cargo terminal.

In addition, following the successful completion of the audit in 2021, Sheremetyevo-Cargo confirmed the RA3 (Regulated Agent third country) certificate. The received certificate guarantees that Sheremetyevo-Cargo meets all aviation security requirements. And it also enables to partner (airlines) of Sheremetyevo-Cargo to pass certification in a simplified manner and obtain ACC3 status (Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport).

Main competitive advantages of Sheremetyevo-Cargo are a strict compliance of regulations, short handling time without loss of quality and regular implementation of IT innovations in operations.

A lot of positive reviews of our customers and the annual growth of number of partners (airlines), which expand of geographical and economic opportunities of our customers are the best confirmation of professionalism of our employees and high quality services.

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