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Dear customers of Sheremetyevo-Cargo!

We would like to inform you why the order №307 dated July 11, 2022 of Sheremetyevo Customs is contrary the current legislation of Russian Federation.

Order №307 dated July 11, 2022 of Sheremetyevo Customs “About exclusions of Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC from the register of owners of temporary storage warehouses”.

What is recorded by Sheremetyevo customs in the act of inspection No. 8 on 07.07.2022?

Why it's illegal?

Two of four customs inspection areas are not equipped by screening machines.

There is the requirement about one screening machine for one temporary storage warehouse in the order No. 2000 dated 07.12.2018 of Federal Customs Service of Russia.

The act of inspection indicates that two screening machines are located in Sheremetyevo-Cargo.

It was also authorized by Sheremetyevo Customs according to the letter of 30.03.2021.

CCTV cameras which installed in the customs inspection areas do not transmit video images from the customs inspection area to the container section of the central cargo terminal.

There is no obligation to equip the customs inspection areas by CCTV cameras with forwarding of images to the customs authority divisions for the owner of the temporary storage warehouse due to the current legislation. And the brand of video cameras and their location HAVE BEEN AGREED by the letter of Sheremetyevo Customs of 06/04/2019.

Customs declares about insufficiency of the areas which transferred to Sheremetyevo Customs for free use.

There is agreement between Sheremetyevo-Cargo and Sheremetyevo Customs for free use of three storage areas for Sheremetyevo Customs, which includes area for special temperature shipments. This agreement has been agreed and signed by Sheremetyevo Customs.

The conclusion about the failure to comply with the requirements of Federal Law No. 289-FZ contradicts both the established factual circumstances and the current legislation of Russian Federation.

As a result of unlawful Customs actions, handling services of 47 airlines were stopped, more than 600 companies of shippers/consignees were deprived of the opportunity to operate with Sheremetyevo-Cargo. And the projected losses of Sheremetyevo-Cargo will be amount to about 290.8 million rubles per month.

Sheremetyevo-Cargo will not be able to pay wages to more than 900 employees, as well as transfer current payments (taxes, etc.) due to an absence of incoming revenue.

Required actions: The suspension or cancellation of the order №307 dated July 11, 2022 of Sheremetyevo Customs must be done.

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