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We try to minimize the problems of our customers and reduce theirs time for forwarding or receiving cargo operations throughout the Sheremetyevo-Cargo life. Therefore, the Sheremetyevo-Cargo management has relied on the introduction of IT-technologies in operations from the first days of existence of the cargo terminal.

Our terminal was the first to introduce the e-doc management with customs department 7 years ago. And our company has offered the special service "Prior notification of the customs authorities" to the partners - airlines in 2015. It allows to customs department to issue a preliminary authorization for unloading goods before landing due to received information about the cargo in advance. According to electronic coordination, the cargo handling time (from landing to delivery to client) has been reduced more than 50% for 7 years of collaboration. Now it is:

- for wide-body aircraft - 3 hours 30 minutes;

- for narrow-body aircraft - 2 hours 40 minutes;

- for trucks - 4 h 5 min.

We tried to increase the share of contactless operations (with a minimum time on cargo terminal) via the current trends in IT-industry and development of remote services. According to the development of Personal Account and special information terminals at the start of 2022, about 40% of our clients moved to contactless remote operations (includes remote reception of shipment). The regularly upgraded Personal Account allows to clients of our company to control of cargo handling process, to pay handling and storaging fees, to receive scanned documents and full cargo information, to generate various analytical reports, to issue the necessary passes, to receive shipment, and to order also additional services and special procedures from anywhere of the world today.

There is no more valuable resource than time. And we tried to do everything that our customers do not have to lose time in queues.

The average waiting time for receiving documents in a queue at Sheremetyevo-Cargo is no more than 2 minutes, and about 1.5 minutes for registration of pick-up of shipment.

The service time in the Account department and in the Information desk takes no more than 4 minutes on average for one client.

The company constantly improves technological procedures and introduces innovative digital solutions which developed on the basis of artificial intelligence into the local processes for minimization of customer time in the territory of cargo terminal and for improvement of service level. And Sheremetyevo-Cargo staff is currently train and re-train in the training center of our company also.

The temporary indicators of our work are the best confirmation of the professionalism of our employees and the high quality of provided services.

The average waiting time from customer's entry into our terminal to the start of loading was less than 20 minutes at the start of 2022 (at the moment of extraordinary increase of level of cargo turnover). This figure had dropped to 7 minutes at the summer of 2022.

The average loading time of a vehicle was about 10 minutes at the start of the year (less than 8 minutes for small batches). On the moment it is approximately 7 minutes (less than 6 minutes for small batches).

According to the vast experience and regular implementation of innovative IT-solutions, staff of Sheremetyevo-Cargo performs their operations quickly and efficiently as soon as possible. And they can also guarantee 100% safety and security of shipment.

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