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We are glad that you are reading the text.

And we are sincerely grateful to you for your interest to our company.

We admit that we are still incredibly interested in making our work. Our terminal has been developing and supporting of the chosen way. It improves and ensures of efficiency, safety and quality of operations more than thirty years.

We would like to share some data with you. For example, how long you wait for your cargo after landing on average? Please check the graph.

It reduced the average pick-up time of cargo and documents after landing. It is impressive, right? Specific numbers are much better than abstract words.

We have never hidden our affection for the introduction of innovations, for modern and very unexpected sometimes technical solutions, for optimization of operations. And most importantly is to clearness and openness.

Actually, we have reached an unprecedented level of cargo safety over the years.

We don’t have theft and loss simply.

Why cargoes don’t disappear at Sheremetyevo-Cargo? Because our systems "see" each piece, track its movement, control the conditions of its storage and handling.

We have structured our work in such way that we start to track the shipment before aircraft lands, and stop after crossing the airport borders only.

We have gone beyond cargo handling for a long time.

We create new technical solutions. We design, construct, assemble, implement, test, improve, adapt its. Have you seen cargo terminals which receive an invention patent? It is real for us already.

And we use all these actions with one goal - to provide you an effective, safety and high-quality services.

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