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Moscow region, Khimky city, airport Sheremetyevo, Sheremetyevskoe highway, house 9


Cargo and mail handling operator
in Sheremetyevo airport

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Moscow region, Khimky city,
airport Sheremetyevo, Sheremetyevskoe highway, house 9.

CCTV-Control and Business operations management IT-system of Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC

(created by our company)

CCTV-Control and Business operations management IT-system of Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC provides 0% of lossed cargoes and 100% guarantees of safety.

*GPS/GLONASS satellite systems of data registration ensures the objectivity of the indicators

One of the largest terminals in Moscow aviation hub

28 000 m²

Main terminal area

2500 m³

Volume of perishable cargo storage areas

30 years

Experince in the ground handling


Airlines handled by "Sheremetyevo-Cargo"

Receive and  ship cargo

Additional services

Transportation sales

Choose airline, transportation cost, security declaration samples.

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Documents scans

Sending scanned cargo documents to your e-mail.

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Truck delivery

International transportation, transportation across Russia under customs control, delivery in Moscow region.

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Express delivery

Release of cargo documents to client within 2 hours after flight arrival.

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Cargo package

Manufacturing package in accordance with client's drawings.

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Doconsolidation of MAWB to HAWBs.

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Registration in "Sheremetyevo-Cargo"

Registration contract, personal pass request.

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Contract conclusion

Required terms for contract conclusion.

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Access to systems

Personal account, access to Russland-Cargo system.

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Cell for documents

Traditional and electronic cell for shipping documents.

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Personal manager to control your shipments.

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E-mail notification

We will notify you about cargo arrival to e-mail.

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200 000 tons

Terminal's annual cargo turnover

Our capacity allows to handle all cargo, transported through Sheremetyevo airport. We constantly implement innovative technologies and improve quality of our services.

Aircraft engine Rolls-Royce

Aircarft engines are often transported as cargo through our terminal. Weight of an engine makes about 3-4 tons, the cost is measured in millions of rubles. Such cargo is usually urgent, since it is shipped for repairing an aircarft. When choosing us airline always gets ensured of quick and careful handling.

Sport car Lamborghini

"Sheremetyevo-Cargo" has a great experience in handling expensive and exclusive cars. Our terminal handled cars by Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche and many other brands. Consignees are always satisfied with the quality of terminal services and careful handling.

Hippo for Moscow zoo

We were really glad to take part in delivery of hippo to Moscow zoo. Our specialists took all efforts to create the best handling conditions for the animal. "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" also hanlded giraffes, white whales, walruses, bears and many other animals of circuses and zoos.


Setting the standards for cargo handling.

Annually "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" undertakes dozens of audits by state authorities, international industry organizations, airlines and clients. The vast majority of auditors highly appraise our technologies and deem "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" to be one of the best cargo handling agents in the world.

We ensure cargo safety

Cargo handling process is controlled by CCTV system at all stages and in all handling areas (over 700 video cameras).

Terminal facilities, equipment and technics fully comply with world's industry standards.

IT - systems

The whole handling process is supported by a set of IT-systems developed by own IT-department of «Sheremetyevo-Cargo».

Each handling step is logged in system using smartphones and tablets.

Portable video recorders

Such devices get fixed on clothes and allow to record and view online the handling process in high quality.

The devices always get modernized and improved.

Tim Sanderson, TSA

This company is very serious about security and strongly exceeds the minimal standards. Some procedures are the best practice and should be applied industry wide.

Axel Bohn, EU security validator

Very impressed about the computer system recording as all is in actual time on-line. I can praise the whole security standards as being perfectly according EU regulations.  

Yang, Hainan Airlines

It is our pleasure to cooperate with Sheremetyevo-Cargo team which is professional, advanced, systematic, comprehensive and full of passion. We really like your modern warehouse and your own advanced IT system.

Mori Nishizuka, Yusen Logistics

Your facility level and service is beyond our imagination. We understand how systematically your operations are organized!

Jan Rozycki, LOT

Security policy out of traditional scale. Solutions used in the cargo facility are on the highest level.

Henrik Nielsen, SAS

Very impressive online system in the warehouse with the smartphones and tablets. I have never seen anything alike.

51 airlines-partners

Routs of handled airlines cover all main countries and cities of the world

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