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Dear Customers of Sheremetyevo-Cargo!

On July 11, 2022, Acting Head of Sheremetyevo Customs Andreev O.A. signed the order № 307 (dated July 11, 2022) about the exclusion of Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC from the register of owners of temporary storage warehouses.

We have all reason to consider this order illegal, as a result of which we are taking steps to appeal it promptly.

This document directly violates the instruction of the top leadership of Russian Federation, which bans pressure on business and block of the work of Russian companies in the current conditions.

At the moment (less than a day after receiving information about the order), we have completed the following actions:

• Preparation of a claim to the court demanding prompt cancellation of the Order № 307 of Sheremetyevo Customs;
• Preparation of a complaint to the General Prosecutor's Office of Russian Federation, which indicated a lot of violations related to the preparation of the Order № 307 of Sheremetyevo Customs;
• Receipt of proposals from initiative groups of employees of Sheremetyevo-Cargo to forward an open letters to the President of Russian Federation;
• Preparation of a requirement to conduct an anti-corruption analysis of the Order № 307 of Sheremetyevo Customs;
• Preparation of informing of the Chairman of the Government of Russian Federation about the economic damage of Russian Federation, which will be caused by issuing of the Order № 307 of Sheremetyevo Customs;
• Preparation of information to the Federal Antimonopoly Service about noncompetitive advantages which arised due to the revocation of a license for temporary storage warehouses;
• Preparation of a complaint to the Federal Customs Authorities.

These documents will be finalized and sent to the appropriate authorities in the near future - July 12-13, 2022.

In addition, we promptly prepared schemes of operations which take into account restrictions introduced by Sheremetyevo Customs. According to the own developments, our operation and information systems, as well as rich experience (including countering attempts to block the company's activities), we will be able to minimize the damage at the moment.

Thus, Sheremetyevo-Cargo is implementing new schemes for the temporary storage of cargo handled by Sheremetyevo-Cargo (together with air carriers and partners) for the temporary storage warehouses of partners.

Dear customers, when you declare your cargo, please pay attention to the number of license of the temporary storage warehouse owner which indicated in the cargo information in our website or in your personal account.

For more information, you can contact us by phone: +7 (495) 967-11-70.

We also inform you that an inbound shipment can be released in customs terms and received at Sheremetyevo-Cargo without storage it in temporary storage within 12 hours from the moment of arrival notification (arrival time) of the aircraft.

No changes for shipment transported on domestic routes (arrival/departure), for export cargoes and for shipments which are not required storage in temporary storage warehouses.

No changes for mail.

At the same time, some service operations of airlines may be difficult due to force majeure circumstances. All these revealed facts will be analyzed by us to compile a register of losses incurred by the company.

We would like to emphasize that state authorities issue a requirement to eliminate violations with indicating a period of at least thirty days, when any inconsistencies are identified, according to standard practice.

We emphasize that all wishes fixed in the Act of Sheremetyevo Customs (which are not regulated by regulatory legal acts) were fulfilled within six hours from the moment of receiving information about the order № 307 of the Federal Customs Authorities.

Sheremetyevo Customs was notified by letters:

№ 319-827 dated 11.07.2022 - about additional equipment of temporary storage warehouses with video cameras and inspection installations;
№ 319-831 dated 11.07.2022 - about an additional agreement on the areas of temporary storage warehouses.

Thus, all wishes of Sheremetyevo Customs, which served as a formal reason for exclusion from the register of owners of temporary storage warehouses, have been fulfilled, at the moment.

We are forced to note that we will additionally report about all facts which confirmed the illegality of the Order № 307 of Sheremetyevo Customs, after a full legal analysis by third-party authorized experts.

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