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18 May 2021

Embargo for transportation of VIVO brand goods

Dear Customers of Sheremetyevo-Cargo!

18 May 2021

The training center of Sheremetyevo-Cargo has been successfully finalized the audit

Ministry of Education of Moscow Region conducted a regular inspection of the Aviation Training Center (ATC) of Sheremetyevo-Cargo from April 12 to April 21, 2021.

18 May 2021

Customs clearance of live animals

Dear Clients!

06 April 2021

Sheremetyevo-Cargo kept cargo turnover at the pre-crisis level

2020 was a challenging year for the aviation industry. But a cargo turnover of Sheremetyevo-Cargo didn't change actually, despite to a decrease of number of flights by more than 79%. We kept the cargo turnover indicators at the level of 2019 due to the conclusion of new long-term agreements and to an increase of volumes with existing partners.

23 March 2021

Handling of a large shipment of Sputnik V vaccine at the terminal of Sheremetyevo-Cargo

Sheremetyevo-Cargo had practice of handling of Sputnik V vaccine already. However, the shipment on March 4, 2021 has stood out by volume and by speed of handling operations undoubtedly.

02 March 2021

Sheremetyevo-Cargo has successfully passed a regular inspection by Rostekhnadzor

The Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision conducted a regular inspection of Sheremetyevo-Cargo from February 15 till February 19, 2021.

16 February 2021

"Sheremetyevo-Cargo" has successfully passed the inspection control of airport activities

Auditors from "Aviatransprocess" Certification Center carried out inspection control of airport activities of Sheremetyevo-Cargo on 4-5 February 2021.

16 February 2021

Congratulations Civil Aviation Staff Day to colleagues and partners

Civil Aviation Staff Day was approved by the Decree of Russian Federation President on February 9, 2013. However, the official date of birth of civil aviation is considered to be February 9, 1923. On this day, Council of Labor and Defense of the RSFSR has adopted a resolution about the organization of a new structure - Council for Civil Aviation. Now, it is 98th anniversary of this event in 2021.

11 February 2021

Handling of Sputnik V vaccine at Sheremetyevo-Cargo terminal

On the moment, Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC has already handled of several shipments with Sputnik V vaccine which intended for vaccination anti Covid-19 virus.

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